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You may notice that in some of my posts there are blank spaces in the reviews. These are spoilers that I've written so I can remember important details of the books when I want to read the sequel. I've made the text a beige color to blend in with the background so you won't accidentally see something you don't want to. If you want to read it, just highlight the section to make the text appear - although you should really just read the book yourself! :)

Monday, January 12, 2009


by Richelle Mead

Wow, in those last two entries I completely forgot to use Dani's non-patented rating system! So here we go:

1st star (butt-kicking) - oh, yes, much butt-kicking is done! Delightful. +1

2nd star (romantic touch) - yup, yup - and not just with one character! So at least +1

3rd star (some wacky fantasy) - Three kinds of "vampires" who have secret schools and resorts? +1

4th star (love triangle) - Ack yes! So frustrating, but that's what makes it great! Mason, Adrian, Dimitri....tis so so complicated! +1

5th star -(delectable male co-protagonist) - Did I mention Dimitri? And Adrian....he just is fun. I'm gonna give it +1

6th star - (scene that is truly tear-jerking) - ummm...yeah, definitely... :( +1

7th star (expertise with a bow and arrow) - no bow and arrow in this book, but there are swords and magic fire power and silver stakes...so I'm giving it the seventh star anyway! +1

Tada! Seven Star book! Yes, I realize on Dani's system is gets 100% and on mine I only gave it 4/5 - it's just missing a little of that "I wanna run out right now and tell all my friends about this!" aspect, which is required for 5 star books. I did like this one better that the first in the series though. Onto book 3!

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