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You may notice that in some of my posts there are blank spaces in the reviews. These are spoilers that I've written so I can remember important details of the books when I want to read the sequel. I've made the text a beige color to blend in with the background so you won't accidentally see something you don't want to. If you want to read it, just highlight the section to make the text appear - although you should really just read the book yourself! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tyger, Tyger

by Kersten Hamilton

It's been quite a while since I've read a book, especially a series to get excited about. However, Tyger, Tyger has all the right elements to be an exciting, unique new series.

Things start getting strange for Teagan the night her best friend Abby tells her she' been dreaming of goblins. Later that night, she learns her parents have agreed to take in her street-tough cousin Finn. Finn also speaks about strange creatures and before she knows it, Teagan is immersed in the all-too-real world of goblins - desperately trying to save her family from them.

The blank space to follow is my spoiler-laden summary of the book (in beige font). This is basically for my own benefit (so I remember what happened when book 2 comes out.) If you want to read it, highlight the text. And you were warned! :)

Finn tells Teagan that he hunts goblins and is surprised to learn she's never seen them. A cat-sidhe invades their house soon after, as well as some other creatures. Finn defends them, but soon leaves, fearing he's brought the creatures on them. Shortly after, Teagon's mom falls ill and eventually dies - Teachan and her brother Aiden conclude that the shadow man Aiden say caused their mother to die. Things go from bad to worse when their dad disappears. Finn returns to help the brother -sister pair, eventually leading them into MAg Mell - home of the goblins to find their father. In one of the confusing segments of the book , they soon leave again without finding Mr. Wyllston and head toward Finn's grandma's (Mamieo's) house. They meet Mamieo and learn she rescued Teagon's mom from Mag Mell years ago - and she's the only person who's ever escaped it. The group fights off more goblin creatures and returns to Mag Mell (without Mamieo). There they learn Aiden's singing keeps the nasty creatures at Mag Mell at bay, and helps them find their way. They meet Roisen, Aileen's long lost sister, and learn she and Aileen (and therefore Teagona and Aiden) are part-goblin. They travel again (Roisen won't go with them because she's still waiting for her long-lost love to return to her) and Aiden makes a sprite friend who nests in his hair. Teagon frets that Finn will hate them now that they've learned they're part goblin. Eventually they find Fear Doirich who has taken their father. Teagon and Finn tie him up as Aiden weakens him with his singing. They also find and rescue Thomas, Roisen's love, and therefore convince her to escape with them. Teagon sacrifices the swamp girl to the dogs in order for them to escape. They get back to Mamieo and break the news of Aileen being part goblin - she takes it hard but accepts it. Teagan and Flinn talk about their relationship and Finn tells her he doesn't hate her - that she doesn't have to be like a goblin if she chooses not to. The book ends as Aiden announces to the pair that Thomas is growing feathers.

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