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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Still Sucks To Be Me

by Kimberly Pauley

After all the teen vampire books lately that demand to be taken seriously, Still Sucks To Be Me is a fun light-hearted take on the genre. This book is the sequel (not sure if it's going to be a series) to the book of a similar name, Sucks To Be Me.

At the end of the first book Mina has made her decision to become a vampire. She was finally able to tell her friend about it (although secretly), she now has a vampire boyfriend and she doesn't have the Vampire Council on her back anymore. Things should be looking up. However, it's not long before Mina learns that she and her parents are being relocated and must fake their deaths. Mina is distraught to learn she'll have to leave her best friend behind. She's even more upset to learn that her boyfriend George is travelling to Brazil to spend some time with his parents.

Mina end up moving to a tiny town in Louisiana. She make a few friends, but things are not going the way she'd hoped. Her pal back home is stressed about her parents and Mina can't be there to help. George doesn't answer her emails, and while her new vampire friend Cameron may seem nice, he associates with some questionable people. Mina's starting to wonder if her life will ever NOT suck.

This book is funny and light-hearted. Mina's narration is funny and sarcastic. It's not sophisticated, but if you're looking for a funny take on the vampire genre, this might fit the bill.

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