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You may notice that in some of my posts there are blank spaces in the reviews. These are spoilers that I've written so I can remember important details of the books when I want to read the sequel. I've made the text a beige color to blend in with the background so you won't accidentally see something you don't want to. If you want to read it, just highlight the section to make the text appear - although you should really just read the book yourself! :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


by Lesley Livingston

I'm just a little disappointed in the final book in the Wondrous Strange trilogy. I never really felt like I was absorbed into this book like I did with the others. A part of the reason for this, again, was that I didn't remember every detail of what had happened before! Seriously, there need to be recaps printed in the book before the actual novel begins.

Last book, Kelley said she didn't love Sonny, knowing he'd overhear and assume it was true and therefore he'd be safe from finding out he held the green magick. Well, this didn't work so well. In this book, Kelley's trying to figure out a way to save Sonny, and get ready for a new play her theater company is performing. Sonny is distraught and has retreated to the underground home of exiled faeries. Eventually, they meet again, Sonny finds out the truth and then they work together to save Sonny. (Which should have happened in the first place!)

I don't really remember much else - this book didn't really stick with me. Maybe if I'd read all three together, but broken up by a year or so it didn't leave a lasting impression on me. Parts were cool, I did like the ending. Meh, not much else to say.

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