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Monday, June 22, 2009

City of Glass

by Cassandra Clare

I read some other reviews of this book and many people said they liked how Clary was impulsive, or that it fit her character. Odd. I thought that Clary's impulsiveness was a bit exaggerated at the beginning of the book. She learns there is a demon attack and the Lightwoods have left for Idris without her. Magnus tells her how it's not possible to create a Portal without permission from the Clave and someone on the other side to allow you through. She knows that in order to use a portal you must be able to picture your destination in your mind. She's never been to Idris because, but for some reason she decides she can do it, creates and portal and jumps right in? It seemed pretty foolhardy to me. Of course when she falls in Lake Lyn and Luke barely manages to save her life I was thinking, "Told you so you little dork!"

Thankfully though, the characters seem to settle back into their normal behaviors and I didn't find myself thinking "is this the same character?" again. I wouldn't call this book predictable because that just makes it sound over-the-top obvious. It wasn't. But it was often pretty easy to predict what was going to happen by the end. Was I right about Clary and Jace? Mostly. And the parts I hadn't figured out at the end of City of Ashes, were pretty clear to figure out in City of Glass. It gave me some satisfaction to figure out the twist, but after a while it was a little frustrating that THEY didn't figure it out as well!

What else to say? I enjoyed the ending, but was ever so mad that it was over! I would now like to read about Jocelyn and Luke and Clary and Jace and everybody else going out to fight demons and perhaps some other deranged individual! Sigh. Seems that books always end just when you're most in love with them.

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